Who we are and what we offer

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Our company offers reverse-logistics services for your business. We have been working for a long time and are proud of the experience we have gained.

We fulfil our obligations to the full, and our main goal is to let our clients recover their profit looses!

To ensure the least loss of profit
for our clients

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Anton Bazhko, CEO

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Staff and personnel
The best for the best people
We offer personal and career growth in our company. We take care of and protect our staff. Only the best professionals work for us. Trust our company and we care about you.
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Customers and buyers
Our most welcome guests
Our regular and future customers are our highest value. We do our best to attract new customers and to maintain relationships with regular customers.
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Ecology and environment
Caring for the environment is very important
Our company cares about the environment. We are using resources with minimal harmful
emissions for environment.
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With years of experience in integrated reverse logistics, we have established ourselves among our clients as an integral link of their value chain. Our experts specialize in product refurbishing, as well as possess a significant qualification in remanufacturing and repair services. We have a dedicated team that permanently watches industry insights to find new opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. 

This depth of experience enables us to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers, providing great support and establishing long-lasting business relationships.