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Testing and Inspection

However you transport your product, you have to be certain that it arrives as intended and meets all relevant requirements.

From сulling for non conformances to inspecting for errors in decoration, our expertise can guarantee the optimal solution of any technical issue.

We deliver professional verification of the quality, quantity, packing and loading of your product, helping you meet quality standards.

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If your product is unacceptable but the packaging is not damaged, we can return the components to you in a perfect condition.

Our refurbishing begins with a close-up visual inspection and testing in order to guarantee proper operation.

Depending on the results, defective products are either thoroughly repaired or moved into traceable recycling to ensure they do not enter the gray market. 

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We offer a wide range of packaging services that can accommodate any of your needs. Whether it entails hand or automated packaging, we will support your product throughout the entire process to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and a best-in-class packaging experience.

We also allow flexibility with our operating procedures, so that you can indicate your own packaging specifications.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Proper cleaning and sanitizing is essential at any stage of transportation of the product.

We provide efficient cleaning services, having the ability to remedy any type of surface.

Our experienced staff provides the foundation for safe product processing to ensure your goods will be returned to you as new.

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Remanufacturing and Repair

We provide comprehensive repair services which can fix any problem that may arise in the product cycle, be it removal of foreign matter from your component or restoring of the original package.

Whatever the issue might be, our specialists diagnose the problem and render optimal solutions. When the repairs have been made, we will ship your product back along with tracking details.

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Labeling and Overlabeling

Whether your product requires to be serialized or needs special handling, we can take care of it.

We assure accurate label placement using innovative machinery and our packaging teams take control over the whole process, including a thorough inspection of finished products to guarantee that your quality expectations are met.

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We offer cost-effective solutions for short, medium or long term warehousing.

Our warehouse centers have been optimized by our tremendous flexibility, experienced staff, and efficient processes, so that we can implement a storage option that best suits you.

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preFBA and Fulfillment

We check, package and label your product according to Amazon standards.

We can also handle the dispatch to Amazon warehouses, significantly reducing costs without affecting delivery speed and quality. As we put great value on maintaining best-in-class services, the entire process is completely transparent for you and can be tracked.